Fitness Programs

For those of you looking to get into shape, find something productive to do with your spare time or prepare for the upcoming season, Bucks Elite Fitness will give you the motivation, facilities, expertise and all round fitness classes to build your desired body. Good fitness classes are fairly hard to come by and you are not sure whether you are getting the service you are looking for or developing along the right path. We provide full body analysis and run tests to establish an accurate level of fitness and determine the areas where you could improve, with specialized personnel trainers and the most up to date fitness programs there is no goal that can’t be achieved.

mountain bikeAt Bucks Elite Fitness we pride ourselves on offering the very best when it comes to planning your WOD (workout of the day), we will take into consideration whether you are looking to strengthen your core, gain mass and bulk up or increase your endurance and stamina levels. WOD has become the preferred training method for many trainers and fitness enthusiasts and we are no exception tailoring the very best courses either in a group scenario or in a one to one personal session. We find flexibility is the key to gaining the very best results, so we do not just limit ourselves to the confines of our exceptional gym facilities but are more than happy to get out into the fresh air and provide training sessions in the park, at the track and at your local club. Cycling is a great way to train your body as it does not damage the knees like running can. There are many types of bikes out there that you can use from road and touring to mountain bikes for sale. Good quality bikes can be found in your nearest bicycle store like Rival Bikes.

Finding the time to work out can be tough and more often than not people tend to over work their bodies when they do find time to get to the gym. This often leads people down the path of trying to make up for lost time and can cause serious injury to the body. In the worst case scenario you could end up needing extensive sessions on the physio table, which no athlete wants. Bucks Elite Fitness classes are here to help. We can put together a flexible 4 week fitness program to target either an early morning session before you go to the office, a quick power work out during your lunch hour or getting a good physical session in on your way home.

We find the key to getting in shape inevitably starts with you, we provide the facilities, personal trainers and science behind the workout however it comes down to your motivation, drive and commitment and we will be there every step of the way. So get involved and see how we can benefit your lifestyle today. We are also always looking for fitness instructors so if you have passed all your personal training courses contact us here also.