Endurance Training

fitness facilitiesWe here at Bucks Elite Fitness feel it is important to not only focus on getting big and becoming ripped but offer facilities and fitness programs to cater to the endurance specialist. Endurance training focuses on raising and sustaining your heart rate for long periods of time through aerobic exercises such as jogging, biking or performing any low to medium intensity activities. We like to put together endurance training programs that will effectively optimize this area of you work out, whether you are a budding athlete, established sportsman or an average joe looking to get in shape. By following either our tailored personal training sessions or taking advantage of one of many fitness classes we offer such as our spinning class on a Tuesday or by attending one of the many aerobics classes we hold throughout the week will get you the desired results.

Our Classes

fitness classes• Spinning Class – spinning classes are an intensive program where you push yourself to the maximum. This is done by sustained cycling creating a great burn throughout the lower body but also raising your heart rate and increasing your lung capacity. A class such as this is great for all fitness levels, but be aware our trainers will push you to the max.

• Aerobics Classes – Gone are the days of aerobics being associated as an old peoples activity (well we still host some classes), but now it is a great way to socialize and most importantly build up cardiovascular endurance. By having a constant intake of oxygen throughout the routine you are able to increase the productivity of your muscles by allowing more oxygen to seep in thus creating a more efficient respiratory system. But it’s not all about the science, we like to create a thriving social atmosphere with great music (song requests are welcomed), varying routines and vibrant sports attire.

• Body Pump – Now here is a fitness program for those who are looking to develop lean muscular endurance, the session is there to sculpt, tone and polish that physique you have worked on, by doing low weight and high reps for a long period of time you will effectively remove all the excess fat surrounding the muscles and carve out great muscle definition. This sort of fitness regime is great for toning everything up coming into the summer months and creates a buff beach body.

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